/dʌmp / (say dump)

verb (t)
1. to throw down in a mass; fling down or drop heavily: *Heavy rain is expected to be dumped on the Western Australian Goldfields today as tropical cyclone Monty makes its way south. –abc online, 2004.
2. to empty out, as from a cart by tilting.
3. to get rid of; hand over to somebody else.
4. to withdraw support from (a candidate or representative).
5. Sport to drop from a team.
6. Computers to output (data) from a computer memory to a secondary storage, especially for the purpose of debugging.
7. Computers to print out, with minimal editing, the content of computer memory, usually for diagnostic purposes in debugging.
8. to compress (two bales of wool) together.
9. Commerce
a. to put (goods) on the market in large quantities and at a low price, especially to a large or favoured buyer.
b. to market (goods) thus in a foreign country, as at a price below that charged in the home country.
10. Football to tackle heavily.
11. (of a wave) to hurl (a bodysurfer) onto the churned-up sand at the bottom of the wave.
12. Colloquial to end a relationship with (someone); drop.
verb (i)
13. to fall or drop down suddenly: the waves are dumping.
14. Colloquial to defecate.
15. Computers the output of a dumping process.
16. a fall of snow: a good dump last night.
17. anything dumped or thrown down, such as rubbish.
18. Also, rubbish dump. → tip2 (def. 10). : *He used to bring home things from the dump, some of it real good stuff too. –colin johnson, 1965.
19. Military a collection of ammunition, stores, etc., deposited at some point, as near a battle front, to be distributed for use.
20. the act of dumping.
21. Mining
a. a runway or embankment, equipped with tripping devices, from which low-grade ore, rock, etc., are dumped.
b. the pile of ore so dumped.
22. two bales of wool compressed into one.
23. Mining mullock and dirt heaped around mine shafts.
24. Colloquial a place, house, or town that is poorly kept up, and generally of wretched appearance: *Compared with the freshly washed streets of Paris, London is a dump. –herald, 1988.
25. Colloquial an act of defecating: to take a dump.
phrase Colloquial
26. dump on, to criticise or rebuke: politicians should know the danger of constantly dumping on the press.
27. sell the dump, (sometimes followed by to)
a. Football to pass the ball to avoid being tackled.
b. to pass on something worthless, or the object of some dispute to avoid trouble.
{Middle English, from Old Norse; compare Danish dumpe fall heavily}
dumping, noun
/dʌmp / (say dump)

1. a clumsy leaden counter formerly used by children in games.
2. Australian History a round piece cut from the centre of a silver dollar, and used as a coin. Compare holey dollar.
3. not give a twopenny dump, Colloquial not to care; be unconcerned. {Phrase Origin: from the idea that a dump2 (def. 2) from a twopenny piece would be of very little value}
{origin uncertain; ? related to dumpy2}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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